quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010


Northeast. Fernando de Noronha.


One of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in Hawaii, exactly because of the beautiful view of Mokoluas islands that dot the beach in Lanikai on the east coast of Oahu. Though pretty, most people enter the kayak or snorkel, because the front of the beach is jammed with mansions that enter the sea (the old real estate growth rampant as ever). Water has an unbelievable shade of blue and a coral reef full of attractions for those who want to dive.


It is the most famous beach in Hawaii, postcard with Diamond Head in the background, the most visited, where are most of the hotels, resorts and fine restaurants - indeed, many tourists come to Hawaii and do not leave Waikiki throughout your stay.


Golfinhos de Kealakekua

The beach itself is rocky - volcanic rocks plump, but difficult to extend their yoke. But beyond quietly and surrounded by a rocky cliff "RAMPAO", the beach has a beautiful coral reef and super special guests: spinner dolphins. In Kealakekua gives to swim with them and have fun. The warm water provides the finishing touch to delight all.


On Maui, which is super-corrugated and so beautiful. The road to Hana is a separate chapter of beauty. Emphasis on the area of Sacred Falls, with waterfalls flowing into the sea.

Green sand beach

Accessible only with 4x4 (and prepare to eat dust), Green Sand Beach is at the southern end of Big Island. Its name comes from the fact that his sand has a greenish tint only due to the presence of the mineral olivine. This extravaganza was not enough (there's only another green sand beach in the world, Guam), the scene around the Green Sand Beach is lunar.


It is an extensive beach of soft yellow sand and extensive access to which requires 4x4. While bathing in it is complicated (it's pretty strong), the view of Niihau, the most mysterious island in the archipelago, is a plus that should not be underestimated. And in the right corner, the volcanic cliffs take your breath away.